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Current Stock.

New  from Regent Horseboxes.
 The Latest Design in Total Horse Safety.....The Removable Breast Bar Which Can be removed in Less than 10 Seconds Even if a Horse is on Top of it !!! Complete With Extra Wide and High Rear Door Big Enough For Horse To Get Out....


 December 2013.


We deliver direct to the South of England on our own transport so Why pay inflated prices for horseboxes by sales agents in the South when for £300 Including Vat it can be delivered direct from factory to door.



The All New Model is Available... "Regent Duo".........Which is a total new concept Horsebox making it a sleak new Profile.............

All Luton Mouldings and Panels have been designed and produced for Regent Horseboxes which make our Horseboxes Stand out from the rest...........  





     You may have seen publicity from a Company Who Do Not Build there Own Horseboxes which are built by two other Companies hence the HIGH Prices which they Ask..................Stateing that they are Industries First in integrating in there builds a "Safety Cell" which protects the driver from the Horse.......... Regent Horseboxes Design and build All our horseboxes at our Factory in Lancashire and have always built our Horseboxes with a built in Safety Wall with Dual Bulkheads as All of Our Horseboxes Are Built to the Highest of European Standards which we have Accredited which Allows us to Export our Horseboxes Throughout the World................ We invest alot of time in the design of our Horseboxes and our Number One Priority is "Safety" for Horse, Driver and Passengers...... Our Commitment is to Supplying a Quality Horsebox with Safety as Standard..





There are Many Companies Selling 3.5 Tonne Horseboxes, But a lot of these Companies Do Not Build the Horseboxes and If you Ever have a Problem with Your Horsebox You need Aftersales and Here at Regent Our Company has been Built on our Good Reputation and 1st Class Aftersales including Insurance Approved Repairers.............. If you Dont have the time or cannot make the journey to visit our factory in Lancashire You can have your horsebox delivered Direct to your door for £300.00 and you can choose your Spec and Colour.............



New Bonded Windows as Specification Option...

63 Registered Citroen Relay LWB, 62,846 Miles Fitted with Brand New Build Long Stall Body, Stainless Steel Partition with Bars, Seperate Grooms Area with Two Saddle Poles and Bridle Hooks, Two Upholstered Bench Seats, Colour CCTV to Horse and Reverse, Over Luton Locker with Double Doors, Payload 1080kg. Highly Engineered to The Highest European Safety Standards..... This Horsebox is in Build and will be Ready for delivery in 3 Weeks.....Painted in Choice

of Colours Metallic

£ 20,500 Plus Vat



3.5 Tonne Weekender

2016, 66 Registered Peugeot Boxer XLWB, 112,767 Miles, perate Grooms Area, Wood Lined Walls,Hob Sink, Fridge, Matching Faux Leather Upholstery Throughout, Moulded One Piece Rear Panel. Ready in 2 weeks.

£21,450 Plus Vat




3.5 Tonne Automatic

2013, 63 Registered Fiat Ducato Lwb with 118,093 Miles, Long stall body with Full wall to separate grooms area, Payload is 1080Kg, Two Saddle Poles, Bridle hooks and Seats, Colour CCTV to Horse and Reverse, Painted Choice of Colours, Ready in 3 Weeks.

£17,500 Plus VAT



3.9 Tonne

2013, 13 Reg Renault Master XLWB, 53,000 Miles Longstall Body with Living including Tack Locker, Alloy Plank Floor, Colour CCTV to horse and Reverse Paintedin Choice of Metallic paint colour, Ready in 2 weeks..........

£22,100 Plus Vat


3.9 Tonne

2008 Renault Master LWB, Longstall Body, 137,320 Miles, Aluminium Plank Floor, Full Wall to Seperate Grooms area with Two Seat, Saddle Poles and Bridle Hooks, Horse and Reverse Cameras, Painted Landrover Grey, Faux Leather Cab Seats Payload is 1480kg, Ready next week.

£16,700 Plus Vat


5 Tonne Automatic

2013, 13 Registered Mercedes Sprinter LWB, Longstall Body Body, Stainless Steel Partition, 156,000 Miles 1 PLC Company Owned, Walk in Tack Room with 2 Saddle Poles and Bridle Hooks, Horse and Reverse Camera Painted BMW Estoril Blue.....

Ready in 2 Weeks.

 £18,000 Plus Vat



4.5 Tonne


2015, 65 Registered Peugeot Boxer LWB, 117,209 Miles, Cloth Seats, Ultralite Body, Long stall body, Stainless Steel Partition with Full wall to seperate grooms area, Colour CCTV to Horse and Reverse, Choice of metallic colours.  2060KG Payload.....Ready in 3 Weeks.

 £21,500 Plus Vat



3.5 Tonne

2016, 66 Registered Peugeot Boxer LWB, 120,000 Miles,

Ultralite Body, Long stall body, Full wall to seperate grooms area, Colour CCTV to Horse and Reverse, Painted Landrover Silver, 1080KG Payload.... Ready in 4 Weeks i......

£20,500 Plus Vat 


3.5 Tonne

2013, 63 Registered Peugeot Boxer LWB. 133,828 Miles, Faux Leather Seats with Long stall ultralite body,Stainless Steel Partition, Full Wall to Seperate grooms area, Colour CCTV to Horse and Reverse Painted BMW Blue, 1080Kg Payload..... Ready next Week.

£18,000 Plus Vat




3.5 Tonne Automatic

2020, 20 Registered Red Edition Renault Master LWB, Delivery Miles only, Faux Leather Cab Seats, Ultralite Body with Twin Ramps, Bonded Privacy Glass Windows, Full Transporter Pro Body with Double Split doors to Grooms Area, Large External Tack Locker. Cooling Fans for Horses, Shipping Loops for Defra Approval, Sealable Drain Holes in Horse Area, 4 Years Manufacturers Warranty, Painted Landrover Silver Ready in 2 weeks.

£36,500 Plus Vat



5.5 Tonne Automatic

2012, 12 Registered Iveco Daily XLWB, 71,000 Miles Long stall Weekender Body with Hob/Sink, Fridge, Wardrobe, Double Bed in Rear, Moulded One Piece Rear Panel, Matching Faux Leather Seats throughout. Choice of Metallic Paint Colours, Ready Week 2 In Februrary.

£23,450 Plus Vat



7 Tonne Automatic

2014, 14 Registered Iveco Daily Automatic 7 Tonne, Full Aluminium Plank Ramp, Aluminium Plank Floor, Large Over Luton Storage with Double Doors, Long Stall Body with Two Large External Tack Lockers, Stainless Steel Partition With Bars, Full Wall to Seperate Grooms Area, Wood Lined Living with Hob. Sink. Fridge, Toilet, Faux Leather Seats matching Throughout, High Level Cupboards in Living, Table, Bed In Rear, Roman Blinds to living Windows, Moulded One Piece Rear Panel, Bonded Windows Throughout. Ready week 1 in Februrary.



4 Tonne

2008 57 Registered Iveco Daily XLWB, Long Stall Body, Full Wall to Separate Grooms Area with Two Upholstered Bench Seats, Two Saddle Poles and Bridle Hooks, Ready in 5 Weeks

£18,250 Plus Vat


3.5 Tonne

2018, 67 Registered Renault Master LWB 120,867 Miles in build with Long stall body,Two Part Stallion Partition, Faux Leather Cab Seats, Full Wall to Separate Grooms Area Walk in Tack Area with Two Saddle and Bridle Hooks plus Two Upholstered Bench Seats, Painted Landrover Silver Ready for Delivery.

£21,600 Plus Vat


6.5 Tonne

 56 Registered Citroen Relay LWB, 156,058 Miles with Longstall Body in build with stainless Steel Partition, Full wall to separate grooms area, Walk in Tack Area with Two Saddle Poles, Bridle Hooks and Upholstered Bench Seats, Painted in Choice of Colours Ready in 3 Weeks for Delivery.

£17,500 Plus Vat


Brand New 2021 Reg

Two Brand New 2021 Red Edition Renault Master LWB, Manual Gearboxes, Media Pack, Air Conditioning, Cruise Control, Sat Nav, Electric Windows, Electric Windows, In Build with Regent Long Stall Pro Bodies complete with External Tack Locker, Wardrobe and Shelves, Upholstered Bench Seat.... Ready Februrary for New Registration 1st of March 21 registered.

£36,500 Plus Vat

Finance Available


3.5 Tonne

2013, 13 Registered Vauxhall Movano MWB, 61,260 Miles,

Half Wall, External Tack Locker, Wardrobe, Bench Seat, Large Over Luton Storage with Double Doors, Choice of Metallic paint, Ready.




 we have 2 Automatic iveco Daily 11 Registered 5.5 Tonne Chassis in stock and 1 61 Registered 6.5 tonne Automatic Iveco daily Chassis in stock which can be built to any specification.
















From Our Belgium Office in Antwerp.






In Build:-


We Manufacture 4-5 Horseboxes per week on a production line so lead times average 3-4 weeks from order to delivery and we dont require any deposit for any build order.





We Now have a Sale Centre in Ocala, Florida, USA Next to the World Equestrian Centre.











 Stock is Changing Weekly and We Have Builds to suit Any Budget......... Please Call to Discuss Specifications and Budget.















We Have a large selection of Chassis in stock for build to suit most budgets from 2010 to 2021 Brand New Chassis. We also offer body only builds on customers own supplied chassis.... Call our Sales office for price.



When you Come to Regent Horseboxes You Buy with Confidence...... We welcome all Prospective Customers and You can see all our production of the horseboxes through the Stages from Start to Finish and We Use The Highest Quality Materials to build All our Horseboxes, Large Privacy Glass Windows, Large Rear Doors, Colour CCTV Fitted in all Builds, FibreGlass Mouldings Unique to Our Boxes, One Piece Rubber Horsefloor, High Partitions with Options for Detachable Sniffer Boards, Adjustable Tie Tracks, 57" High Breast Bar, Anti Weave Grills, Enclosed Luton with Double Doors, Large External Tack Lockers Big Enough to take Dressage Saddles.... LED Lights inside and Out Etc...........

Mechanical Warranty.......


All Our Horseboxes are covered by 6 Months RAC Mechanical Warranty as Standard.



Regent Horseboxes Ltd
Regent Horseboxes Ltd

For Sale

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We Developed a Quick Release breast bar back in 2008 Which in an Emergency can be removed in less than 10 Seconds............. There are Other Companies Stating they Sell there Horseboxes with Break-away Breast Walls then they Fit a Narrow Rear Door which you can get a Horse Through and fit an Alluminium Floor in the Rear Escape which a Horse Will Slip on if You Need to Use it............. and Other  Companies Who make Collapsable Breast Bars which Collapse when you are driving down the Road............ All Our Horseboxes are Built with Horse Safety in Mind and "The Quick Release Horse Bar System" is The Leader in Horsebox Safety.................And All Our Horseboxes are Built to The Highest Standards to Meet The European Standard TUV. When choosing who you buy your next Horsebox from be carefull before you make your purchase........... Do They Actually Build Horseboxes Themselves ??? There are many Companies out there stating that they build Horseboxes but they dont..... Dont be drawn in by Fancy Showrooms............ as well as all the" Buy a ticket with a chance to win a horsebox".... then they show one every now and again that someone has won ?????  For a £43,000 Horsebox you would have to sell 2150 Tickets @ £20 each....  Sooner or later these scams will be stopped as back around 20 years ago a similar thing to this with a chance to win a horsebox for a £25 Ticket then the said company sold most of the tickets and then the company sold the horsebox though there business and Closed Down leaving all the people who bought tickets out of pocket... Here at Regent Horseboxes we fit 3 Large horsehead windows as standard on all our builds as well as 1 vent window and also all our builds have large double over luton doors as standard which stops any draughts and smells coming from the horse area into the cab. All our builds have Two Gas Strutts on all our Ramps to make the ramp easy to lift and we als fit 4 windows in all our builds. We also dont feel the need to have merchandise made like Jackets, Saddle Cloths, Jumpers and Base Ball Caps to Advertise our Horsebox Company as Thousands of Happy Customers Do this for us driving around iin Our Horseboxes and this is why we are Europes Leading Manufacturer of 3.5 Tonne Horseboxes. We keep our Builds Very Competitive in Price by keeping our Advertising expenditure to a minimum and this is passed onto our customers by Regent Horseboxes producing a Quality product at a Competitive price. 




 All Our Horseboxes are built in Our Own Factory By Skilled Craftsmen and Attention to Detail is Standard on all Our Builds...... All Our Horseboxes Come With 12 Months MOT as Standard and We also give 12 Months Body Warranty on the Build........ All Our Horseboxes are fitted with LED Lights and Colour Horse Camera and the Option of Reverse Camera at Extra Cost....... We Offer One of The Best Built Horseboxes on the Market and Realisticaly Priced........ You can have your horsebox built to your own specification by layout of interior and Colour of your choice and from order to Delivery is Maximum of 6 Weeks..........We Also Can Deliver Your Horsebox to You Anywhere in UK or Europe................. So Your New Horsebox Can be Delivered to your Door ..........

Long Stall Body

Long stall body with 8' 11" from nose to tail. 6' 9" wide and 8' 0" High, Large over luton storage with double doors, One piece sealed rubber floor, Stainless steel partition with bars, Removeable breast bar, Door to Separate grooms area with Two saddle poles, bridle hooks and bench seats.



Stallion Two Part Partition

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Regent Intro

Two Stall body with half wall, Bench Seat and External Tack Locker.



Regent Transporter Pro

Longstall Body design with one piece sealed rubber floor with two drain holes in the horse area, Electric forse fan with digital tempreture read out in the cab operated by remote control panel, Double split doors from horse to grooms area, Two seats, saddle and bridle hooks.



Regent Minatures 5 Stall

This is a horsebox body based on a lwb platform base stalled for 5 Miniature horses with seperators with built in headboards, Feed bowls and plenty of cupboard space below and above the horses heads, Separate grooms area with wadrobe, Seating and tack space.



Regent Twin Ramp

This unique design is popular with Dressage riders, Horse Transporters and for Horse Ambulances.



Regent Camping Pod Trailer

Available For Order.... A New product to the Regent Range of vehicles.... Towable Camping Pod which is currently in development Wardrobe, Cupboards, On Board Water Tank, Awning to Sleep Two more people, Hob/Sink/ Fridge and Heating all in a Compact trailer.... Try before you buy option as we are Hireing these trailers out at our dealers around the UK, Europe and USA. Fully Type Approved trailers that meet all UK, European and USA Standards

Prices Start From......................

£7750 Inc Vat





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